Andrew Pelham offers a wides ranges of services:
  Crash Repairs - The Panel Shop Spray Painting - The Spray Shop
  Plastic Welding Air Conditioning / Regassing
  Car Detailing Windscreens OBrien
  Vehicle Recovery    
Plastic Welding  
1. All automotive, agricultural & marine applications
Air Conditioning Regassing

1. We are qualified automotive air conditioner technicians.

2. Full Reclaim and Regassing facilities.

3. Registered with Australian Refrigeration Council.

4. Registration Number (AU 22316)

Car Detailing  

Full car Interior and Exterior detailing:

  • vacuuming
  • shampooing
  • polishing
  • buffing
  • touch ups.
Vehicle Recovery  

1. Complimentary pick up and deliver service.

2. 24 hour Towing service.


1. O’Brien Glass Authorised Dealer – see O'Brien website for full details>

2. All Automotive, Industrial and Marine Glass